Nice to slow down a few days to relax and watch a couple of recommended movies with the Christmas lights blinking. Janet and I watched two movies this week that we would recommend.

First, The Ultimate Gift in which a rich would-be heir — to billions of dollars — is taught many lessons about life, people, family, money, work and relationships. It is one of those movies that is sure a fun movie to watch, especially with your older kids. It is kind of like The Bucket List which was a movie I highly recommended several months ago. My son said he liked this one much more than Bucket List. Actually, it is playing right now on our TV as my wife and I watch it again with our 17 year old Emily. I am enjoying it again! It is about what is important in life — it is Catholic without ever mentioning the word!

The second movie is one we own and watch every few years. If you like old books, literature, Catholic sub-themes and England, you will like 84 Charing Cross Road. It is not fast-paced with lots of noise, bombs, and action. It is a slow-paced movie about reading, books, culture and relationships. Ann Bancroft is an brash, outspoken New Yorker writer ordering books from Anthony Hopkins who plays a calm, proper Englishman working in a used bookstore in London. It is delightful and worth a watch.


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  1. Pete

    Steve, my daughter in law’s dad is the producer of The Ultimate Gift. They are very proud of that film.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Well you should be very proud of him. It is a great movie and we had tears well up in our eyes many times. It is the kind of movie that should be watched by every Catholic family. Bravo! It is now in my list of Ray Family Favorite Movies.

  2. Pete

    Steve, I sent your post on to Kasey, my D.I.L. She replies “Awesome!, I’m glad people are still enjoying the movie!” She was heavily involved in the production. How she found her way into this family will remain one of the 7 mysteries of the mdern world.


  3. Doug Sirman

    If you’ve never encountered it, “The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street” is Helene Hanff’s journal of her eventual trip to England and an excellent read

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