Since his conversion to the Catholic Church in 1994, Steve Ray has been speaking in the United States and around the world — sharing the exciting news of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. He is available for speaking and conferences but his time is limited due to speaking events, writing, filming and leading pilgrimages. If you want to invite Steve to speak at your event, please visit Ask Steve to Speak.

Steve has provided a list of available talks, his schedule, his bio (see below) and various portraits (see below). For recommendations and endorsements for Steve’s talks, click here.

If you need any of the files below in an alternative format, please contact my son Jesse at

Press Kit Documents

Title Updated
Safety Training Certification for Lansing Diocese 12/24/2021
Steve’s W-9 12/24/2021
Endorsement from Steve’s Pastor and Bishop 11/7/2023
Sample Poster Templates: Word Document  |  Editable PDF  |   Pages for Mac   | 2/10/2012
Steve’s Complete Brochure 7/8/2021
Steve’s Pastor’s Endorsement 10/28/2019
Steve’s Former Bishop’s Endorsement 1/22/2007
Steve’s Former Bishop’s Endorsement – Another one 1/22/2007
Bio, Long Detailed Version 2/9/2009
Bio, Short Biography for Steve Ray 10/23/2012
Very Short Bio 03/14/2024
Steve’s Prepared Talks and Presentations (PDF file) 1/14/2015

Portraits and Pictures

Title Updated
Official Portrait for Promotion (zipped JPEG) 1/6/2007
Steve Meets John Paul II (zipped JPEG) 1/6/2007
Steve Riding Black Stallion at Pyramids (zipped JPEG) 1/6/2007
Steve with Cardinal Ratzinger 1/6/2007
Steve with Cardinal Ratzinger holding Steve’s Books 1/6/2007
Steve’s Casual Portrait (zipped JPEG) 1/6/2007
Video Production Portrait (zipped JPEG) 1/6/2007