There are several good books you can use for a study of the book of Acts. First, I would recommend my Suggested Books for General Bible Study. One of the best sources for used Catholic Books is Loomes Booksellers at 612-430-1092 or ABE Booksellers.


Navarre Bible: Acts of the Apostles (currently available from any good Catholic bookstore or through This book brings the Fathers, Church documents, and great historical material to bear on the passage. Highly recommended.)

Facts on Acts (of Apostles) by Rev. Albert Joseph Mary Shamon and published by Queenship Publishers at 1-800-647-9882. Nice Catholic commentary.

Acts of the Apostles or the full title: The Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles and in their Writings by Istituto S. Gaetano, Strada Mora, 57, 36100 Vicenza, Italia. Telephone 31912. Text of Acts with good background material, pictures, maps, charts, etc.

Catholic Scripture Study International on the Acts of the Apostles Excellent program for Bible Study groups. Steve Ray wrote the study on Acts.

The Acts of the Apostles by Giuseppe Ricciotti (probably out of print but most likely available through Loomes at 612-430-1092 or at ABE. His book The Life of Christ is a classic).

The Acts of the Apostles a New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Joseph A. Fitzmyer. A scholarly work in the Anchor Bible Commentary series.

The Gospel of the Holy Spirit by Fr. Alfred McBride, published in the Our Sunday Visitor’s Popular Bible Study series.

The Anchor Bible: The Acts of the Apostles by Johannes Munck and published by Doubleday & Co., Inc. A very poor volume compared to the new Anchor Bible Commentary volume by Joseph Fitzmyer.

Catholic Scripture Manuals: The Acts by Madame Cecilia A lively, scholarly, and informative commentary with tremendous notes on history, culture, geography, etc. that sheds great light on each passage. Highly recommended though long out of print. Seems to be readily available through Loomes Used Bookstore in Stillwater, MN or at ABE.

The New International Commentary on the NT: The Book of Acts by F. F. Bruce (though Bruce is a Protestant, I find him most helpful on historical and cultural issues. He is less biased than most and very scholarly.)

The Acts of the Apostles from the Greek text also by F. F. Bruce.

The Acts of the Apostles by Luke Johnson in the new Catholic commentary series Sacra Pagina.

The Acts of the Apostles by William Barclay (Protestant but very insightful on many matters. Very helpful.)

This is a quick list. Please refer to my website under “Bible Study” and then “Book and Software Recommendations”. I also think The Jerome Biblical Commentaryis very helpful though one must read it with caution. Nelson publishers also puts out A New Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture to replace their even better (out of print) A Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. For this, go to Loomes or ABE.

Remember also that one of your best sources for Bible study is the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, which has a marvelous scripture index in the back. If you are studying Acts 1:8 it refers you to paragraphs 672, 730, 735, 857, 1287. This will introduce the Fathers, Church teaching, proper context, etc.

Read my article on “Ecumenical Bible Studies” on my website on the “Studies & Writings” page. It gives many insights and warnings.


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  1. Robert Sledz

    I really would have appreciated an examination of the book of acts in light of Catholic Tradition in matters of the magisterium, local churches unity with The Jerusalem Council, Peter’s role in the Book of Acts… etc.. I run a Catholic Cicle Only Forum – Deabte group on Face book and while it would be an honor to have you come in and share in it, I would really ask you to help me get good materials in place as I try to defend the Church’ authority as a Visible enity from many Reformed elements that counter this understanding and at times are very venemous, though in light of the forum, I give them fair allowance to make their presence known…

    is there anything you can do to help me?

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