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Telling our Emotional Story of Answered Prayer from St. JP II after a personal meeting with him

Pope w Janet.jpgJanet and I had an incredible meeting with Pope John Paul II in 2000. My wife had a special prayer request for him.

We told the story for the first time while on the air with Spirit Catholic Radio this morning.

Here is a picture of Janet asking the Pope, now St. Pope John Paul II to pray for her. Little did she know….Click below to listen to the 15 minute story.

Bethlehem All Day!

We crossed through the checkpoint and passed thru the 30 foot wall into Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Lord Jesus. A great day for shopping for quality olivewood and other religious items, touching the birthplace of Christ in the Church of Nativity, and shawarma sandwiches for lunch.

Then on to Shepherds Field for Mass in a cave. We always enjoy visiting the Carmelite Monastery in Bethlehem that marks the place where the Prophet Samuel anointed David as king. Then to our grotto dinner with a whole lamb and fun dancing.



Eternal Security, Once Saved Always Saved: Is Baptist Pastor Charles Stanley Right?

(Once Saved-Always Saved):

Analyzing a Sermon by Baptist Pastor,
Charles Stanley

By Steve Ray

Hello Protestant Friend:

Even though I have watched his show off and on over the months, I had no intention of watching Charles Stanley on television last night. It was just that I was tired after getting home and was getting some iced tea to drink and flipped on the TV and—there he was as big as life. His Bible was dramatically floating up and down with pages flapping as he paced in front of the audience.

I understand – I learned the same speaking style as a Bible teacher. It is something pastors learn in Bible school. Delivery is crucial. His style or manner is similar to Kenneth Copeland’s but not quite as dramatic and certainly without Copeland’s arrogance. He caught my interest tonight because his topic was judgment for the sinner and Eternal Security for the believer………

For the rest of the story, click here.
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