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Wisconsin Shrines Day 2 Only approved US Marian Apparition

Wisconsin is a very beautiful state and the people are kind and friendly along the way. After a good nights sleep along the Mississippi River we are now heading east across Wisconsin making two important visits along the way before settling into our Hyatt Hotel in Green Bay.

The first stop was to enjoy the Marian Shrine and Gardens in Rudolph Wisconsin. The Rudolph Grotto Gardens and Shrine were delightful, inspiring prayer and devotion.

Our second stop was at the National Shrine Of Our Lady Of Good Help, the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. After a tour and Mass we had dinner with the sunset over Lake Michigan. Continuing to Green Bay, WI we checked in to the Hyatt Regency Green Bay. Enjoy!

Cardinal Burke Joins our Shrines of Wisconsin Day 1

Today our 100 pilgrims arrived in La Crosse Wisconsin at the gorgeous Shine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is Day 2 of our Shrines of Wisconsin Pilgrimage.

We were blessed to be joined by a real Prince of the Church, Cardinal Raymond Burke who celebrated Mass for us at the Shrine.

He then joined us for dinner and gave a talk for our group. I told our group that with his presence they were stepping into Church history with one of the most influential and “in the news” Church leaders.

Glorious first day of our pilgrimage. Everyone is now settled in at the Radissin Hotel right on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Thoughts on the Pope’s Restriction of the Latin Mass

I tend to avoid liturgy debates since I am not an expert on such matters. But I’ve been reading and watching the fallout from the Pope’s radical and drastic choice to limit and even eliminate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. I expressed my thoughts on the Latin Mass in an earlier blog, and share a few articles below I found good summaries of my thoughts on the matter.

I agree with George Weigel; I too am “a Novus Ordo man” who enjoys a reverent Mass in English but who also loves the earlier forms of the Mass. Weigel wrote an article entitled “Liberal authoritarianism and the traditional Latin Mass” where he says “The recent apostolic letter Traditionis Custodes is theologically incoherent, pastorally divisive, unnecessary, cruel — and a sorry example of the liberal bullying that has become all too familiar in Rome recently.”

You can read his review and comments on the Pope’s recent decrees HERE.

Cardinal Raymond Burke also posted a review of the Pope’s Apostolic Letter Traditionis Custodes (Custodians of the Tradition). As a canon lawyer, Cardinal Burke expounds brilliantly on the decree from a legal and historical perspective, challenging the Pope as to the legality and prudence of his letter.

The title of the article in Catholic World Report is “Cardinal Burke questions Pope Francis’ authority to eliminate the Traditional Latin Mass”. You can read it HERE.

By the way, stay tuned for my video later today of our sold-out group at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe where Cardinal Burke will be celebrating Mass for us, sharing dinner with us and giving a talk. I suspect this liturgical debate will come up in his talk this evening.

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