Our first full day in Galilee was a hot one! But everybody was excited and ready to get on with our pilgrimage. We started with an outdoor Mass at Beatitudes (homily here) then drove north to the Lebanese border and went to Caesarea Philippi where Jesus said “You are Peter in on this rock I will build my church.” I gave one of my favorite talks in titled “Peter, the Rock and the Keys.“

From there to our favorite Druze restaurant before overlooking the border into the country of Syria where we talked about the whole unfortunate situation here in the Middle East.  After driving through the Golan Heights we came back down to the Sea of Galilee to visit the Tabgha where Jesus multiplied loaves and fish, and yes, it was a real miracle! Then to the Primacy of Peter. Three hours of free time this afternoon and a wonderful dinner at the hotel.


I was raised Catholic – You too? Maybe Time to Reconsider
by Mike Cousineau

Christian denominations speak to knowing the Truth, and rightly so!  All Christian denominations have, at least, some truth.  For instance, every denomination is in total agreement with, “The purpose of man is to know, love & serve God.” However, with over 35,000 so-called Christian denominations, is it possible that some of them teach in error, even though there is no intent to mislead?

Many people enjoy pondering “deep things.”  Are you, perhaps, one of them?  Take, for instance, this philosophical adage, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”  Haven’t we all thought something to be true, only to find out we were misled?

When someone is nearing the end of life, typically, the family doctor will say, “it’s best you get your house in order.”  What, exactly, does that imply?  Of course, he is confirming there is not much time left.  If final arrangements haven’t yet been addressed, get busy!  Say your last goodbyes, tell your friends and loved ones how much you love them, and if you have not made a last will & testament, don’t put it off any longer.  Finally, the doctor may be implying if you haven’t made peace with God, now would be a good time.

It would be great if all of us were given those final days to get it all squared away.  Unfortunately, experience, otherwise known as real life, has shown, over and over again, that unexpected tragedies frequent every day life all too often.  We could even make a case that far too many die young.

Because tragedy and unexpected suffering will visit all of us, many may “shake their fist at God.”  Going through the stages of grief, they will probably say, “If you really are a loving God, why did you let this happen?”  When this happens, it does not surprise God, nor does it get Him angry or upset.  Believe it or not, He will use this suffering in a way to work it all out in the end.

Nearing the end of life…that’s where we started this, didn’t we!  The Doctor was telling us to get our house in order.  Christians believe God is constantly calling us to get our house in order.  Keep in mind, Jesus would prefer we always have & keep our house in order.  Yet, He understands we struggle in our battle with the very real desires of the flesh.  Because He understands how intense the battle can be, He orchestrated a plan, put it in place & gave it a name.

The name He gave it is The Church.  Scripture specifically says, “The pillar and foundation of truth is The Church.”  However, with so many denominations to choose from, what church is Jesus talking about?  Remember, all denominations believe they speak & teach truth.  Common sense tells us, if there are that many churches, all claiming correct interpretation of truth, they all can’t be right.  Some of them are in error, not intentional mind you, but nonetheless in error.

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Legatus Holy Land Arrival

by Steve Ray on September 19, 2019

All the folks on our sold-out pilgrimage for Legatus arranged their own airline flights to Tel Aviv. We picked everyone up at the airport and started our drive north to Galilee at 5 PM today (Thursday). No luggage lose and everyone is excited!

This group sold out so fast that we had to arrange a second Legatus trip for March 2020 which also sold out in three weeks. Legatus Executive Director Stephen Henley is with us and we are all making a great Pilgrimage team.

We started our trip north with our local guide Amer Shehadeh and driver David in beautiful weather  in our brand new Mercedes bus. We arrived at our Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel in time for dinner and Mass (homily here) along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.


Nathaniel has Converted 5 Catholics out of the Church

September 19, 2019

Nathaniel wrote:  Thanks for the 6-tips which I see is taken from your baptist upbringing. I will use it to win Catholics to Christ and out from the RC Church. It will add to the list of 5 Catholics I’ve already successfully evangelized them out of the RC Church. Keep the tips coming :) I […]

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Purgatory? Doesn’t that Deny the Work of Christ?

September 18, 2019

What’s the Deal with Purgatory? by Steve Ray Isn’t the finished work of Christ sufficient? Didn’t he pay for all my sins? Why the heck do Catholics teach that we have to suffer in Purgatory for our sins? Plus, the Bible never mentions purgatory so it must be an unbiblical doctrine, right. Wow! Sounds like […]

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Differences Between Catholic and Protestant Approaches to the Bible

September 17, 2019

“Bible Christians” (a misnomer, since Catholics are the real and original Bible Christians), based on their recently devised “Reformation” principle of sola Scriptura, study the Bible with the following premises: 1. There is no binding authority but the Bible alone; 2. There is no official binding interpretation or interpreter; each person ultimately is their own […]

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Riddle: What is the New Testament?

September 16, 2019

This is a question that very few people think about. The natural reaction to the question, “What is the New Testament?” is that it is a collection of books in the Bible. But before you say the New Testament is “a book” ask yourself what the book says the New Testament is. A hint is […]

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Why Steve Ray Loves Verbum Software

September 15, 2019

Steve Ray here. I can’t tell you how much I love and use Verbum Catholic Software. It has replaced many of my physical books and the power of its search and research has to be seen to be believed. It is on my iPhone, laptop, desktop and on the cloud. Here is a 55-second promo […]

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My Respectful but Honest Radio Show concerning Pope Francis

September 13, 2019

Today I was invited on the Terry & Jesse Show to discuss the uncomfortable situation we Catholic find ourselves in with Pope Francis. Hope you appreciate the show. My interview starts 15 minutes into the hour.

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Msgr. Pope Writes Powerfully to Pope Francis on his latest comments on “rigid young priests”

September 13, 2019

A widely-recognized and respected American priest has responded to Pope Francis’ recent remarks on “young, rigid priests,” saying in a social media post addressed to the Pope that he must “honestly and painfully say that I am wearied from being scorned and demonized by you.” Msgr. Charles Pope .  September 10 at 8:54 PM · Papa Francisco says, “I […]

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Mary’s Sorrows: Known and Unknown

September 12, 2019

Mary’s Sorrows,  September 15 (Our Lady of Sorrows) I did several radio shows on the sorrows of Mary this week, mentioning the Seven Sorrows of the popular devotion, but also some sorrows that are unknown. From times in the land of Israel meditating on her life, I pondered other sorrows she suffered. You can read my notes […]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live: “Open Q & A for Non-Catholics”

September 12, 2019

Great fun. Here are the questions asked and my answers: 06:23 – I am Protestant, but I find praying the rosary very comforting and listen to Catholic radio a lot. I am overstepping by saying the rosary?  17:45 – I am a former Catholic. Why do people have to pray for special Masses?  24:06 – What is the Vatican hiding […]

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EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo is Under Attack; Pope Says He’s Honored to be Attacked by Americans

September 11, 2019

The post below was from a year ago but certainly still very timely. The blog hit a nerve so I am reposting this. Having been on EWTN a couple of times since this original posting, I must say that EWTN and affiliates are spot on and I support them and their ministry and assessment of the Church all […]

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Steve’s “EWTN TV Bookmark Brief” with Doug Keck

September 10, 2019

To see the webpage of my recent Bookmark Brief, click here.  And to watch the 2-minute video, click below… “As a convert, I had all the usual misconceptions about the Papacy, and since becoming Catholic, I’ve discovered that even many Catholics have the mistaken ideas I had,” Steve Ray tells Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark. Dennis Walters and Steve Ray have put together a small […]

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Birth of Mary in the Protoevangelium of James

September 8, 2019

In the early 2nd century the early Church held a document in very high regard. From this document we learn about the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her own birth. Since today is the Feast Day of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, I thought I would provide a link to the Protoevangelium […]

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Set a Date for the Family – Watch this Movie

September 7, 2019

Janet and I have never been busier, so this Saturday afternoon we took time to cook Janet one of her favorite dinners and watch a favorite old movie – black and white no less. After two hours of laughing, singing and even a tear or two we thought we should share it with you. Janet, […]

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