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Woke Disney Suffers for its Immorality

How far the mighty and the beautiful have fallen. I remember growing up watching Disney movies and being thrilled with them. They were clean, sane, and wonderfully human stories. But now, they have fallen into a morass of immorality, woke ideology, and gender confusion.

Here is the quote of the day from Catholic Vote’s, The Loop:

QUOTE OF THE DAY “Disney’s favorability rating has gone from 77% to 33% in a single year. This is why companies trying to appeal to the entire country shouldn’t get involved in politics. They try and make Twitter happy and crush their brand.” –Clay Travis READ

6 Common Pro-Roe Arguments (and how to refute them)

With the end of Roe vs. Wade expected any moment, the radical pro-abortion rhetoric has stepped up. It seems like everywhere you turn, angry Leftists are arguing that the Supreme Court has put minority lives in danger, that abortion is necessary for women’s rights, and that the “right to privacy” is the bedrock of America.

Here are six pro-abortion-rights arguments being used right now – in order from the least to the most insulting to women — and how to answer them!

More women will die, there will be forced births, what about rape or incest, it is a baby, but…, what about poor minorities and we will lose equality with men.

For the whole article and to learn the pro-life response, click HERE.

Pilgrimage to Shrines of Wisconsin & “Love Being Catholic” Conference with Cardinal Burke

Join us this July 25-29 for our 2nd Shrines of Wisconsin pilgrimage


Our 1st Love Being Catholic conference

** Please note the Pilgrimage and Conference overlap, but are two separate events. Registration and brochure for the conference coming soon **

Featuring Raymond Cardinal Burke celebrating Mass

Steve Ray (author of Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock and St. john’s Gospel)

Fr. Chris Alar MIC (author of After Suicide and Understanding Divine Mercy)

Fr. Donald Calloway MIC (author of Consecration to St. Joseph)

This bundled pilgrimage and conference will sell out fast so register soon.

Click HERE for an interactive map, detailed itinerary and on-line registration.

You can also contact our Reservations Team at 866-557-2364, or write them at FootprintsOfGod@ctscentral.net.

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