These Catholic magazines and periodicals are worthy of consideration. I subscribe to most of them and write for some of them. If I have overlooked any good magazines that should be on this list, please let me know at

For good website e-magazines and sources for news and Catholic thought, please visit my Favorite Links page.

THIS ROCK: THE MAGAZINE OF CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS AND EVANGELIZATION The first apologetics magazine which helped give rise to the flood of new converts into the Catholic Church. Excellent reading each month. Editor: Karl Keating. To subscribe call (619) 541-1131. Website:

THE CATHOLIC ANSWER is a magazine of apologetics. Its main feature is a column called “The Catholic Answer”, in which Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas (who is also the editor) answers all types of questions about Catholicism: it’s teachings, liturgy, practices. It’s a very interesting and useful periodical for those interested in what the Church teaches and why and available through Our Sunday Visitor. Published by Our Sunday Visitor and can be ordered by calling 1-800-348-2440. For other good magazines by Our Sunday Visitor, click here.

MAGNIFICAT MISSALETTE is the premier guide to daily morning & evening prayers and Mass readings. Beautiful art, insightful comments, and solidly orthodox. Call 800-317-6689 or on the web at

LAYWITNESS is a magazine “Proclaiming Christ to a New Generation”. A publication of Catholics United for the Faith. 827 N. Fourth Street, Steubenville, OH 43952. Phone: 740-283-2484. Website at Steve is on the Advisory Board.

FAITH AND FAMILY MAGAZINE Every issue of Faith & Family brings you the best of Catholic Living for today’s families. Traditions, feasts, spirituality, marriage, parenting, personality profiles and more. Enjoy a FREE trial issue with our compliments. If you like it, you may subscribe for one year for just $11.95. You’ll get 3 more issues, 4 in all.

CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT The Monthly “Time” magazine of the Catholic world. Excellent and current articles from all corners of the globe. Very orthodox and easy to read; monthly. Editor: Philip F. Lawler, Publisher: Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ. To subscribe call (800) 651-1531 or at this web site.

HOMILETIC & PASTORAL REVIEW Founded over one hundred years ago, Homiletic & Pastoral Review is one of the most well-respected pastoral magazines in the world. Priests and laymen alike have relied on HPR for decades. Edited by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., HPR features solid articles on every aspect of pastoral life and eloquent weekly sermons that illuminate through exposition of scripture. Faithful to the teachings and tradition of the Church for over a century, our readers know what to expect in each issue. Here are just some of the features of HPR:

“First-rate articles by great Catholic writers on doctrine, spiritual guidance, morality and authentic pastoral practice. Deep insights into pressing pastoral issues of the Church’s life and mission. Stimulating homilies for Sundays and Holy Days by today’s outstanding preachers. Wise and practical answers to your questions from one of the Church’s top moral theologians, Msgr. William Smith. We don’t bend and sway with every passing fad. Built on the solid foundation of the Catholic Church, we espouse the timeless truths of Faith that never change.”

INSIDE THE VATICAN Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated with classic art and creative photography. Pertinent articles keeping us in touch with events and contemporary issues of the Catholic Church; monthly. Editor: Robert Moynihan. To subscribe call (800)789-9495.

ZENIT ON-LINE CATHOLIC NEWS (free) This is a great daily e-mail news report from Rome.

L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO: THE POPE’S OWN NEWSPAPER Direct access, almost instantly, to everything that happens in Rome, all the Pope’s speeches, all the actions of the Curia, all the breaking news; weekly. To subscribe call (800) 789-9494 or click here.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER National Catholic magazine with reputable reporting and accurate perspective from a Catholic position; weekly. Editors: Lawrence Montali, Peter Sonski, and Gerry Rauch. For subscription call (800) 421-3230. E mail:

CRISIS MAGAZINE The mission of CRISIS Magazine is to interpret and shape the direction of contemporary culture from a standpoint of Catholic tradition. We are dedicated to the proposition that the crisis of modernity can be answered by a Christian humanism rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. We bring the wisdom of the Catholic tradition into direct dialogue with contemporary politics and culture.

THE WANDERER According to their website: “The Wanderer has been providing its readers with news and commentary from an orthodox Catholic perspective for over 135 years. From vital issues affecting the Catholic Church to the political events which threaten our Catholic faith. The Wanderer is at the forefront every week with its timely coverage and its cutting edge editorials.“

Discussion of current news, thought, and opinion from a Catholic perspective. Tends to be controversial and shrill.

A magazine published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an inter-religious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society. Editor-in-Chief: Richard John Neuhaus. Though it is a generally good magazine, the editor played the fool in one major instance — click here.

ENVOY: CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS & EVANGELIZATION A very fine and readable magazine of Catholic apologetics with a colorful and easy to read format and good writers. Visit

For a list of periodicals, diocesan papers, and Catholic radio stations, check the Catholic Periodicals site. If you know some important periodicals I have missed, please e-mail me and I will add them to the list.


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  1. Titik Herawati

    Please send me any catholic magazines
    Thank you very much for your help and your kind attention.
    Titik Herawati
    Gurami RT 08 RW VI
    Karanganyar 57716

  2. Kate Tansey

    Please send me any FREE Catholic magazines and/or books, literature to:

    Kate Tansey
    664 N. Bishop Ave.
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  3. Nchedo Martin-Mary Umeatuegbu

    I am a Marian devotee, Nigerian by nationality, a member and promoter of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, the formula of St Louis Marie de Montfort. I have written article, which is a little commentary on the Hail Mary. I wish to inquire if I may send it for publication. I would be very happy if my request is granted. God bless you.

  4. I am from Sri Lanka and have several poems and articles which I like to share with you. Appended is a poem.

    Murder Most Fowl.

    Killing a defenseless unborn person, and an attempt to kill a person who could defend himself and escape to fight another day, to claim his human rights, are two actions-poles apart.

    Yes: that is Abortion!

    There is a disputable difference between slaughter of animals and the slaughter of human beings-but ironically very little thought is given to killing human life of an unborn child within a mother’s womb; is it not curious as to why over the long history of creation, animals are not in league to protect their- oops-its-animal rights-but humans do have; pity that unborn children are unable to be in such a league-but can only let out a silent scream when being slaughtered in body and thwarted in their human right to live-as can be seen and felt on video!?

    Here is a scene where a woman consents to go ahead with this brutal murder in the silence of her womb-with or without the consent of the man-with fatal consequences to the Unborn Being within, and also to the Consciences of both the woman and the man who consented; this consent may warrant sympathetic consideration in this tilted world-but;

    We can see the scar of guilt remaining in the minds of both the man and the woman who consented to this aberration of nature; no sympathetic consideration-although very much in need-may ever erase that guilt, medically termed-post traumatic stress/depression!

    Some activists call abortion-Scream of the Babe and have dramatized it on the screen: a scream is an utter piercing cry expressing terror or pain, whether silent or loud. We see in the real world human beings warding off pain or death screaming and running for dear life!!

    Such a scene is witnessed in the film “Scream of the Babe” that is available on the internet. We witnessed this very human and intelligent behavior of a twelve week old unborn infant, who under normal circumstances, would be seen cradled with love in the mother’s womb!

    Forceps were used to break open the sac in which the child was cradled in; as the forceps got nearer the sac, we saw this innocent creature in the sac, instinctively or intelligently moving away from the instrument-as if running for dear life. Another instrument was used to tear up each organ of the body from toes upwards, whilst this little human was struggling and perhaps screaming, with a visibly anguished face!

    All this was done when the brain was still functioning said the presenter-as it may be difficult to get to the head, before the other parts of this tiny body were vandalized. Finally a larger forcep that can expand enough to hold the head firmly, was used to crush the skull whilst we saw the child’s mouth opening out for that last cry of despair-please-please keep off and let me live. The smiling and peaceful face we saw earlier, took on a look of writhing pain whilst this demonic ritual was performed.

    Subsequent to this shear strangulation, where we saw the body struggling to ward off pain, we saw the collection of the remnants, with the fluid of the sac that held the little infant child, gushing out and being dumped into a container full of little skulls, bones and ribs.

    The presenter of the video-a doctor- explained that the heartbeat of the human being in the womb is felt eighteen days after conception and that most mothers do not even suspect that they may be pregnant at this stage.

    Yes! Before some others would scream that all this is fanatical religiosity, because they could scream loud-unlike that that babe in the womb-please see all that you read above, on the internet videos as “Scream of the Babe” and “Brutal Truth.

    Was this why Christ who is and was an Epitome of Love showed all that anguish and pain on the cross at Calvary-like the babe that was in slaughter-was this why he was pierced with that spike till blood and then water gushed forth-like from that sac of the babe-was this why He was born in a peaceful stable surrounded with love devotion and care from that Peaceful and Loving Lady!

    Such is the love and protection that a mother has to bestow on the offspring and ironically perhaps God intended the coming of His Son to happen this way out of million other ways possible to the omniscient and omnipotent God-to give an example to womankind on how to cradle and bequeath a child to the world-without consenting to strangulation of her offspring?

    But however;

    We hear about the right of a woman to cradle or not to cradle that baby in her womb-the right of the father to end the life that he brought into being with that mother-right of the state to ensure that population is controlled so as to ensure that the best could be given to those lucky to be born free, whilst sanctioning murder for those others.

    Very little is heard about the duty of the couple who only had the pleasure but refuses to accept the reciprocal pain; is it not the duty of that couple to honor the rights of that unborn child pro-created by them?

    What if the attempted abortion fails and the child lives to fight his rights another day, to obtain recompense for his deformation? Yes! The couple would indeed be happy that it was performed in secrecy and in his defenseless state!

    Should not couples consider natural methods of avoiding conception and also avoid consenting to that Murder Most Fowl!?

    Oscar E V Fernando


    We are in need of copies of any Catholic Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers, Books and any other printed material for people that can make use of them in there home or in our church, so we are asking you most kindly if you will be willing to send us any of this literature to
    85 JOY 3 HOUSE
    MALTA MSK 3312.

    Thank you for your help.

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