The Great Debate 2004: Gary Michuta vs. James White

The Canon of the Bible: A Roman Catholic vs. Protestant Debate on the Inspiration of the Deuterocanonical (Apocryphal) Books

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Gary Michuta Answering Questions

To purchase copies of the debate that took place on May 20 contact:

Gary Michuta – Thy Faith, Inc.
33134 Kentucky St.
Livonia, MI 48150

Visit Gary’s Website at or contact Gary at

“Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger” If you are wondering why we have seven books in our Bibles that the Protestants removed from their Bibles, then you need this book. If you have been asked the question and don’t know how to answer, then you really need this book.

Gary Michuta is a top notch apologist and has written this timely book to definitively defend the Catholic canon of Scripture. You can see the book or buy it here. See more about Gary and his other book and his debate with James White, click here.

My blurb on the back cover says, “No book is more important than the Bible, and no question is more important than what writings belong in the Bible. Controversy has raged since Martin Luther challenged the content of Scriptures. In this excellent book Gary Michuta has put the controversy to rest and provides an easy-to-read yet scholarly explanation and defense of the Catholic Bible.”

To see Gary’s other book “The Gospel according to McCarthy”, click here.

“I’ve been to about five of these debates, and I have never seen a Catholic debater go point to point with Jim White the way Gary did. No one could have left that room without seeing Catholic apologetics as a force to be reckoned with.“ -Arnold Pilsner

“Gary is an outstanding Catholic debater. His in-depth knowledge and presentation of the Catholic position, and his ability to counter the arguments of James White – one of Protestant’s finest debaters – truly made this a ‘Great Debate”. This is Catholic apologetics at its best.“



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  1. Bob Laywell

    I have a friend who, in the past, has been a staunch, anti-Catholic Protestant (although she says she’s not Protestant, but Christian. She is now coming around, mostly because another friend of hers is in RCIA.
    I’ve been able to answer most of her questions satisfactory (sp?). Anyway, she wants to know why the Protestants removed, specifically, Baruch from the Bible. Do you have a quick answer?
    Thanks & God bless!!!

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