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I was thinking about Martin Luther and the great schism of the Western Church and thought I would share again our visit to the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany three years ago.

Janet and I took a group of hardy Catholic converts to Germany to follow the footprints of Martin Luther and the Protestant revolt called the Protestant Reformation. It was a blessed and educational journey. So I found the short two-minute video from Wittenberg Germany and share it again today.

Though initially, he did not intend a schism and his questions were partially justified, he carried his inquiry/rebellion too far and left a split Church and a scandalous wound that has never healed.

I had promised people I would deliver their “95 Reasons for being Catholic.” We ended up with many hundreds of reasons that were sent to me.

We kept our promise today and delivered them to Martin Luther in person. I could not mail them to the door because the old wooden door has burned. The new doors are made of bronze and there’s a barrier to keep me from getting within 10 feet of the current doors.

The original doors were like the town bulletin board. Everyone posted things on that door. So in a way, it was nothing unusual. Here is a short two-minute video reacting to Luther’s schism which started right here.

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  1. Kendall Curry

    Was hoping you might publish "the list."

    STEVE RAY HERE: I will publish the list when I get home and have a few minutes 🙂

  2. Teresa Babey

    Proud to Be Catholic and proud to follow Steve Ray, thank God someone will tell the Emperor he has no clothes on. Pray for us Catholic reformers!

  3. Peggy Meyer

    Thanks again for your wonderful tour in 2007 that Larry and I took with the Legatus group to Israel.
    I live in Ave Maria FL now and teach for the Mary and Mercy Center.

    Could you send me the link to your 500 reasons to be Catholic?

    Thanks and God bless!

  4. Ken Sweet

    I was a proud witness of the only Catholic pilgrimage of this anniversary with Steve.

    STEVE RAY HERE: It was great to have you with us Ken, as always.

  5. Bill912

    Steve: I watched the video and saw you toss that paper. I hope there is not an arrest warrant out for you in Wittenburg for "Litterin'…and creatin' a nuisance"! (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

    Most people under 60-years-old have no idea what I'm referring to.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I am old enough to remember when the signs went up for a $100 fine for littering with the sign "Don't be a litter bug!"

    And gas was 29 cents a gallon!

  6. MaryS

    Um… Sincere question:
    "delivered them to Martin Luther in person"

    How did you accomplish that?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Symbolically and vicariously thru his many status there, his current followers and …

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