Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX, is a courageous shepherd.

In our newest EDIFY episode, Bishop Strickland explains simply and clearly why the sanctity of life IS the pre-eminent issue of our time. It is only 5 minutes long and is worth the watch.

This episode is especially timely given next week’s USCCB meeting, where the issue of life will undoubtedly be discussed among our bishops in their debates over “Eucharistic coherence” — including what to do when prominent Catholics present themselves to receive Communion while continuing to promote abortion.


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  1. Martin

    When Paul said that Christians should obey the civil authorities (Romans13) – the civil law supported slavery. Does it follow that Paul supported slavery? I think not. In the same way supporting a law that gives women the right to legal abortion does not mean that President Biden supports abortion. He has stated publicly that he does NOT agree with abortion. However, as the President who is charged with supporting the democratic process for all citizens he is obligated to obey the law. Supporting a legal decision does not equate to its endorsement to action.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I am moderating this comment to show on my blog so that people of sound mind can realize the nonsense we are up against in the world today. I have never heard such BS in my whole life. Sorry, but you got a call it for what it is.

  2. Tom+Govern

    Wow, what a self edifying post in support of abortionists. Biden (and Pelosi) make no statement of opposing abortion. In fact, Biden changed his definition of when life begins to help him justify his sin. Slavery in the USA would still be OK if Marin’s argument is good. Laws can be lawful but certainly immoral. The early Christians were asked to follow an immoral law of offering to the emperor and false gods. Abortion is indeed a false god.

  3. Bill912

    Can you imagine an American Catholic of the mid-nineteenth century saying: “Well, I’m personally opposed to slavery, but…”?

  4. Bill912

    When a “Personally-Opposed-To-Abortion” Catholic (here, I use the term loosely) stands before our Lord’s judgment seat, will he hear our Lord say: “I’m personally opposed to your going to hell, but I will not stand in the way of you freedom of choice”?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Bill, I couldn’t have said it better your concise humor and precision of thought is always appreciated!

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