There are six “truths” I’ve been asked about many times. People think I’ve never heard these “truths” before and attempt to explain them to me — though I know them all to be myths.

In each case, there is no historical, biblical, or actual basis for any of the six myths. Someone started teaching them, made an assertion on the internet or a book or magazine. It gets picked up by good intentioned teachers and as the old saying goes, “If something is said often enough, it becomes true.”

So we will address each of these myths briefly and set the record straight.

1)  Shepherds break the legs of wandering lambs

2)  The “Eye of a Needle” is a gate, not a needle

3)  The Folded Napkin in the tomb meant Jesus would come back

4)  Jesus couldn’t have been born December 25 because sheep aren’t out in the fields in winter

5)  Saul was given a new name at his conversion

6) Shepherds swaddled newborn lambs

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