Pastor Jordan Orick asked if I would join him over Zoom to discuss the common fallacies about the Catholic church. These are caricatures or cartoon character-type presentations often presented by anti-Catholics.

“If something is said often enough, it is true”, correct?

When I was young I was raised on these misconceptions of the Church. My dad and mom meant no harm. They were simply teaching me the things they had learned and sincerely thought were true.

Did Emperor Constantine start the Catholic Church? Did the early Church fall off the rails in the first centuries and morph into the Catholic Church? Was transubstantiation only invented in the 12th century?

We discussed these and many other issues. Hope you enjoy the interview and are edified.


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  1. John in PA

    The truth rings out, if one just listens. This genrous pastor understands. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

  2. Rob Murphy

    That pastor is on his way to Rome!

  3. Aad Schram

    Pastor Jordan, interesting video. Thank you for your openess and honesty.

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