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  1. Tom+Govern

    Hopefully the pandemic and the absence from Mass in the Churches will let people see how precious this opportunity is. That or they will attend in their pajamas!

  2. Peter+K

    5. Some of us follow the readings and prayers in an app on our phones. Should be “turn off or put in aeroplane mode”.

    6. Should be “no food or drinks can be taken into the church, except water.” I have seen parents entertain their children during mass by constantly giving them snacks.
    7. Unfortunately need to explain to WHOM/what we are genuflecting. I have seen people genuflect in the 180 degree opposite direction.

    8. According to the rubrics, we are actually supposed to process out of the church during the recessional hymn (after the celebrant and servers have processed up the aisle) not stay in our pews til the last note.

    9. Refrain from socialising IN THE CHURCH. In the narthex or courtyard is fine as long as you can’t be heard inside.

  3. smk629

    Not that it is a bad idea to stay, but I was always taught that the Mass was ended when the priest says, “The Mass is ended. Go in peace,” Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to leave at that point, before the recessional hymn is finished. I was also taught, though, that it is bad manners to leave before the priest leaves the altar after his final genuflection, and that we should always try to remain until he has done so.

    I m in agreement with Peter+K’s remarks as well..

  4. John

    The closing hymn is not part of Mass. Mass ends when the Priest or deacons says, “Go forth the Mass is ended”.

  5. Joe

    Good guidelines, overall …. however:
    7. Genuflection before entering the pew/taking a seat should be done only if the tabernacle is present in the sanctuary. If it is located in a separate chapel, then it is proper to simply bow toward the sanctuary.

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