PRO-ABORTS CONCEDE LIFE IS WINNING?  A recent Politico column profiled a number of abortionists and pro-abortion activists who openly admitted that they believe the pro-life movement may soon succeed in making abortion illegal throughout much of America. They report that pro-abortion groups have formed a network focused on what to do when abortion is driven “underground.”

The moral of the story: Keep up the fight; we are winning and the truth will prevail. But our next struggle is with LGBT proponents, and with this one we have to learn HOW to fight it, like we had to learn how to fight abortion.

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  1. Tom+Govern

    I pray every day that a Nation that thinks it is the greatest on Earth will quit killing thousand of babies every week. So sad. Such a terrible sin. But there is progress being made. Let us pray even harder and not be ashamed to shame abortionists, including Biden and Harris.

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