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It’s not every morning you wake up on the Fourth of July and look out your bedroom window and see a bald eagle sitting in the tree smiling at you. Well I don’t know if you’re smiling with that big yellow beak of his, but we took it as a smile.

We will be praying for our country today and will gather with a bunch of good Catholic friends in the neighborhood to pray the rosary for our nation.

There’s a lot to be thankful for, but a lot to be very concerned about as well. I’m fearful for my grandkids growing up in a country that is Already looking very different from what I knew as a young man.

Happy Fourth of July for to all of you and let’s pray for our country and our grandchildren and beyond.


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  1. Joan Williamson

    “bald” eagle?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks! Was excited and made a typo. Fixed!

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