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Every Tuesday at 7:35 AM EST I do a show with Son Rise Morning Show (EWTN) entitled “Things in the Bible”. We discuss things like Rivers & Lakes, Serpents & Snakes, “Altars & Tables” and a hundred other topics.

Today we did Circumcision & Uncircumcision but as usual, we did not have enough time to cover even 1/10th of the topic. So, I am posting my notes from our discussion today for people who wanted to learn more. This is not an article, so to speak, but my notes in preparation for the radio show.

The issue of circumcision is central to the Old and New Testaments. It is mentioned over 100 times, 50 times in the New Testament alone showing how central it is. If you don’t understand the meaning and importance of circumcision and uncircumcision in the Bible, you cannot understand the Bible.

For all the Notes, click HERE.

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