Steve Ray’s talk at St. Mary’s in Utica

Steve’s Talks from March 2012.

Four Gospels Trusted Treasures – Click HERE

Mary: Real Girl, Woman of Mystery – Click HERE

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Terra McCarty March 25, 2012 at 11:14 AM


First, I want to say thank you so much for coming to Utica, Illinois. I always enjoy listening to your talks, and hearing the passion and excitement in your voice. It moves me and makes me excited for my faith, as well. This, I believe, is what they mean when they say the Catholic Church has the fullness of faith. What other church can give you such deep and beautiful history? My mom, aunt and I got to speak to you for a few moments after your talks, and as we were leaving my mother, who isn’t an active Catholic at this time (I’m working on her) said to me “you can tell Steve is a humble man, he was almost embarrassed by the attention.” I thought I’d share that with you. You could get so easily puffed up with your own importance, knowing what a difference you make in people’s lives, but you don’t. You point to the Cross for the glory, and it’s evident in your attitude and demeanor.
Anyway, I’m trying to download these talks. I have the temporary password that I bought. But when I click to download them, it does not ask for a password at all, and it only downloads to a temporary folder, which I lose as soon as I close the window out. I must be doing something wrong. I would appreciate some help/advice as to what I could possibly be doing wrong and how to correct it. LOL

Thank you!
Terra McCarty
Springfield, IL

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