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IRONDALE, Ala., Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — At 8 p.m. ET, Thursday, Oct. 27, EWTN’s “The World Over” with Host Raymond Arroyo will air an exclusive interview with Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, which will be of interest to people across the United States.
Watch the 15 minute interview below…
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“He reveals the reason he switched his position on the life issue, talks about religious liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his candidacy. We also spoke about his prayer life, whether he had a favorite saint, and a lot more.”
Said Arroyo: “Honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him on camera. Viewers will be very interested in what he has to say.”


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  1. Mark

    Raymond Arroyo is a class act among journalist! He is the poster child or what a journalist should be and how to act.
    God Bless EWTN and the Catholic Faith for having someone like Mr. Arroyo.

  2. Bill912

    As a retired police sergeant, I was looking for signs of lying by Trump. I saw none. In the vast majority of people, when they are accessing memory, their eyes go up and to the right; when they are accessing creativity (i.e., lying) their eyes go up and to the left. For a small percentage of people, it is the opposite. When a police officer is interviewing someone, he will start by asking a question he is pretty sure the person knows the answer to, like Raymond Arroyo’s first questions to Trump about his mother. Trump’s eyes went up and to the right. His eyes went up and to the right many times during the interview. I did not see his eyes going up and to the left at all.

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