MGeocentricism is the view that the earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around the earth. This is contrary to everything we know and real science that denies this.
Dave Palm has been decisively rebutting Bob Sungenis and his followers who actually believe the whole universe spins around the earth.
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PS.  After posting this  Bob Sungenis wrote me an email. I followed up by asking him to remove me from his email list and I received the following email from Bob Sungenis among other things that I won’t repeat: “You’re removed from my mind, but you’ll never be removed from my $#!T list, Mr. Ray.”
I think this says a lot about Bob and his current beliefs and his sad situation.  Maybe there’s an anger issue here that he needs to deal with as well as theological problems.  He used to be such a good apologist; it’s so sad to see how far he’s fallen. Pray for him.