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First aerial photo of Jerusalem

In Rochester Hills I will be giving a talk I usually give overlooking Jerusalem from the south. I tell the story of salvation history from Adam and Eve until today, emphasizing the life of Christ. It is great to see the whole story right before your eyes!

Tom Govern has joined up multiple times on pilgrimages and asked, “Have you ever recorded that talk?” I said, “No.”

So he invited me to his parish tonight to extend my talk from 20 minutes to one hour. I will record it and make it available for sale at a later date. I prepared these two pictures for everyone to use as a reference, to simulate standing on the promenade in Jerusalem looking north over Jerusalem.

Yesterday I gave another new talk at the Midwest Apologetics Conference which I will soon make available. it was entitled “The Church, the Priesthood and Confession.”

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Looking north over Jerusalem

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  1. Jeri-Lynn Woods

    Wish I could be there for the talk! St. Irenaeus is where I entered the Church at the Easter Vigil in 1986 – my folks used to live in Rochester Hills!
    Steve, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your videos and your writing. Keep it up!

  2. Tom Govern

    This was an amazing talk. Steve went in over the top but no one moved for almost two hours! Everyone wanted more. I thank God every day the Steve is not still a Baptist!

  3. Terri Nageotte

    Just wondering where I can purchase this talk. I was there in person, but would like a friend to hear it. Please let me know where to find it. Thank you!
    STEVE RAY HERE: On my store at http://www.SteveRaysStore.com.

  4. Terri Nageotte

    This recaptcha is not working.

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