I took my own hour and filled in for Jimmy Akin for the 2nd hour — taking questions from Non-Catholic for two hours on Catholic Answers Live. 

First Hour:
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Second Hour:
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1)  Radical Traditionalist (Catholic but rejects the Popes since Vatican II): Professor Richard McBrien, professor of Notre Dame, denied at least six Catholic dogmas yet was afforded a Catholic funeral. How can this be?

2)  I have a big problem with a loving God commanding the Israelites to kill the Amalekites (he meant the Canaanites) including their women, children and animals. How do Catholics explain this?

3)  Protestant: I am becoming very interested in the Catholic Church. What do I need to do to join the Catholic Church?

4)  Protestant: When we look at the history of the Church we see popes who were scoundrels. How can you remove such popes?

5)  Protestant: What happens if a priest or bishop falls in love and marries? Why do you believe in celibacy for priests?

6)  Evangelical: I am Evangelical and had a powerful experience with God. My Catholic friend says we have to be baptized to be saved. How do Catholics explain this and what is the relationship between faith and baptism?

7)  Former Catholic: What is your opinion on people who are not Catholic getting into heaven? I left the Catholic Church because I wasn’t treated well. Should I come back and if so, why?

8)  Protestant: How can the Catholic Church say they are the true Church when there is nothing in the Bible to say they are?

9)  Protestant: You say that baptism is necessary for salvation, but what about the thief on the cross. Jesus said he would be with him in Paradise, yet the thief was not baptized. How do you explain that?

10)  What is the difference between the Catechism and the Magisterium and why are they important?

11)  Protestant Evangelical: I went to Catholic Schools and they really impressed me, especially the sense of the sacred and the severance for God. A bishop even gave me his Rosary recently along with a blessing. I’ve been listening to Catholic radio lately.

12)  IN RCIA: I am 15 years old and in RCIA. My boyfriend told me yesterday that he was joining the seminary. Can you direct me to any prayers to support seminarians?


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  1. Matt the Caller

    Is it me or does Mr. Craig’s response boil down to “well, it’s not REALLY genocide if the Christian god does it because he gets to do whatever he wants with us, after all, the Christian god created us.” -This just seems awfully anti-intellectual and posits that those who give life can never, under any circumstances, wrongly take it away. Or even worse, that a creator god has moral license to torture his creations, merely by being the creator.
    Surely you arn’t buying this. If I were you Steve, I would just buy into the liberal interpretation that all of this is just metaphor.

  2. Duke Michael

    Beautiful questions I must say. I’m sure the response provided will better improve and encourage the faith of the people. Thanks a lot!
    Can you make this into a document? It could become a good resource material.

  3. Duke Michael

    The question bothering on the killing of the Canaanites actually attracts my attention! I wonder what my response would have been if I were to be faced with such question!
    Duke Michael (Marian Voice Editor-Nigeria)

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