Stumbling over Scripture; Trapped by Traditions of Men

From the Celledoor Bible, Catholic Miscellany Blogspot:

These clips are taken from various debates that Protestant Reformed Baptist Elder Dr. James White has done with Catholic apologists: Art Sippo, Justification, 1991; Patrick Madrid, Sola Scriptura, 1993; Tim Staples, Sola Scriptura, 1996; Gerry Matatics, Sola Scriptura III, 1997; Robert Sungenis, Papal Infalibility, 2000. There is also a clip taken from EWTN’s Journey Home w/ Patty Bonds, 2002….

It’s goal is to portray the common Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura as a “tradition of men” as our Protestant friends are so often fond of describing Catholic doctrine. Also, it is supposed to point out the inconsistent use of “tradition” James White uses to define doctrine.

I do not expect anyone except debate junkies and apologists to really understand the gist of the montage, but it was a lot of fun putting it together.


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  1. Dave Armstrong

    Hi Steve,
    White (with the utmost predictability) has come after both of us, on his Dividing Line show. I wrote a semi-humorous post about it that your readers might enjoy:
    See also my original post, where I put up the You Tube piece, as you did:
    Keep up the great work, and it was fun fellowshiping twice recently.

  2. PhilVaz

    Well done to the person who did this. Since I know a little about audio/video editing, probably took 5-10 hours. Good job. Yeah kind of incomprehensible except to people who have listened to all these debates/talks.
    “Whadda….whad da ya mean?”
    Hee hee.
    Phil P

  3. Sarah

    I love it!!! I listened to it several times. Not only did I enjoy the debate clips but also the music and trying to recognize the voices.

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