Just finished my talk on “Jesus, the Moses of the New Kingdom.” It was very well received. It was a great Defending the Faith Conference. On my way home. Will catch up on blog on Monday.


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  1. John

    I attended both your workshop and your talk on Sunday morning in Steubenville. I was so impressed I bought your book “Crossing the Tiber.” Keep up the good work…
    John Wunder

  2. Joyce Haney

    Steve I attended Defending the faith conference in Steubenville, Thank you for your great insite. I brought home your dvd on peter and my husband and I watched it this evening. We both have returned to the Catholic Church after 30 some odd years away. Thank you for giving us more tools to defend our faith. Joyce Haney

  3. Kelli Helbling

    I also attended the conference this past weekend — and provided your transportation up the big hill on Friday. 🙂 It is always great to see you and your talks are always so energizing and uplifting! Thanks! Looking forward to doing your Gospel of John Bible Study with my group!
    Kelli Helbling
    Fredericksburg, VA

  4. John J. Simmins

    Loved your talks at Steubenville. Keep up the good work!
    John J. Simmins
    Waldorf, MD

  5. Liesl

    I too enjoyed your talks at the conference!
    I’m going into my Junior year at Grove City College, and being defending Catholicism seems to be a daily job. Both your talks have already helped me defend my faith! Thanks so much!

  6. kentuckyliz

    I saw your Sunday morning talk and am waiting for the CD set to arrive of the whole conference. It was really good. You’re a great speaker!!!
    I like paying compliments and making other people feel good…

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