On Wednesday I again had the fun of joining Catholic Answers Live for an hour of answering questions and dialoguing with non-Catholics. We had some great calls this time.

You can listen or watch on YouTube below.

  • 08:36 – I am thinking about starting RCIA. Do you have any advice for what I can do to get the very most out of the experience? 
  • 14:50 – I don’t believe that Jesus is God or that the Holy Spirit is God. I believe God has a Son and Spirit, but they are not equal to him. 
  • 24:30 – How do you justify holding these Old Testament prophets as Catholic saints when they had nothing to do with Catholicism? 
  • 28:45 – What is the connection between purgatory and venial and mortal sin? 
  • 34:17 – I’m struggling to find a church that doesn’t change their customs and beliefs every time the culture does. How can I be successful finding a church home? 
  • 43:22 – I am feeling convicted to come back to the Catholic Church but I have formed so many relationships in the Protestant community. How should I proceed? 
  • 50:13 – I am Lutheran. My dad always called it Catholic-Lite. What is the difference between Lutheran and Catholic? 

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