I wondered why Jesus made the comment that two sparrows were sold for a penny (Mt 10:29) and five sparrows sold for two pennies (Lk 12:6).

Well after a little research, I found out and we gave it a try 🙂

Earlier post about eating grasshoppers and also mentioning sparrows.

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  1. Vincenzo

    Hi, Sam and Steve;
    As I watched this Video I have quietly kept my love of Sparrow for all these years.
    As a 5 Year old in Italy prior to going to Australia in 1955, it was my Aunt Lucy who set up a trap on a cart full of snow. We caught 5 sparrows. I don’t remember eating them.

    However growing up in Australia pigeon was my favourite.
    In my teenage years my father confessed that during his years growing up, meat was scarce and sparrow was his favourite bird. In fact he would say “heads and all”!

    In the last 6 months sparrows continuously enter my pigeon loft and I get the need to catch and cook them just like pigeon.
    I haven’t as yet, as I only cooked 2 sparrows in my teenage years. I am now 72 years old.
    Watching this video has removed my quite secret of eating sparrows.
    I thought I was the only Italian Australian with this unknown tradition.

    God Bless
    Vince Granata

    STEVE RAY HERE: Fascinating Vince! Thanks! We are grateful and appreciative of you confirmation and historical anecdote! Wish you could have bee here today.

  2. Sean

    Interesting! Like watching the outdoor channel but with learning facts about the Bible. Kudos.

  3. Thomas M Govern

    You might need an entire flock to feed one bus on one of your Holy Land Pilgrimages. Think about it! It might make a great in place meal experience.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Amer would never agree to that ?

  4. Elizabeth Vasu

    In India especially Delhi, we have lost all our sparrows – they have become extinct! Now we are bereft of seeing these cuties (and not because of eating them!). Some years back there was a drive to bring them back but it never succeeded. So beware …. 🙂

    STEVE RAY HERE: We don’t have the problem with extinction here. House sparrows are everywhere and they thrive in the cities and in the subdivisions. I have to fight them off around our house because they kill the bluebirds and take over all the other bird houses.

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