A lot is being said about Laudato Si both from supporters and critics — of which I guess I am both. I would fall in the camp of the Acton Institute…

Here are eight links worth reading and watching as you digest and work through the new encyclical.

1) Acton Institute critique by my friend Kishore Jayabalan: Don’t Blame Markets, but Sin for Environmental Problems 

2) Acton Institute presents There is a ‘more hopeful and human way forward’ than what Pope Francis suggests

3) What to do when the Pope gets is wrong?

4) Eleven Things you Probably Won’t hear about Pope Francis’ Encyclical

5) Further materials from the Acton Institute on Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment

6) Fr. Fessio and Mark Brumley and others frpm Ignatius Press respond to the encyclical in writing and a video presentation

7) Fr. Sirico reviews the encyclical on Fox News:

8) Cardinal Wuerl on Fox News explaining the Pope and his new encyclical (great job)



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  1. philipofJMJ

    To be a true Catholic pope, one must be a man; and, he must be a Catholic. Francis is a man, but it not a Catholic; hence, we are in an interregnum, a period of time when there is no reigning pope; the chair has been vacant since 1133. See RJMI site as 100% proof of this truth. JohnTheBaptist.us
    No Popes or Cardinals since 1130 – John The Baptist
    1 No Popes or Cardinals since 1130 By Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi There have been no popes or cardinals since 1130 AD. All of the so-called popes and so-

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