Supreme Court  upholds Obamacare – a big win for Obama

Oh well! I have very little optimism for our country. I lost that a long time ago. Because of God I have hope, but hope is different than optimism.
Now let’s wait for the marriage ruling …


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  1. John G. Boulet M.D.

    Justice Scalia said well about this decision that words no longer mean anything. “It depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is,” according to former President Clinton, right?
    I don’t want to take up too much of your space on your blog, Steve, so I offer a few quickie comments.
    First: Did the Affordable Care Act “really say” what it said? I can’t help but think of the serpent in the Garden of Eden: “Did God (really) say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?” Gen. 3:1
    I would suggest that any sin is, at heart, a violation of the trust (like a child’s) that we are supposed to have in God’s word, and especially in God’s own “Logos,” or Word, as transmitted to us in the nitty-gritty, concrete details transmitted to us through Jesus’s Mystical Body, the Church, under the infallible protection of the Holy Spirit. (See John’s Gospel, 16:7-15.) The “risk of offending” is this: That the Protestant movement, divorcing God’s own word from His Mystical Body (Col. 1:24, e.g.), appropriates to itself the meaning of the individual words of Scripture, thereby, unfortunately, divorcing itself from the particulars of the matters of faith and morals of day-to-day life that are so essential to salvation and that are elucidated so clearly by Holy Mother Church in her Catechism, Encyclicals, and other directives. “It depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is!” I bring the Protestant “revolt” into this discussion as another manifestation of the “positivistic” assertion of the self-definition of reality itself, including Scripture as it pertains to how we live our lives, that began in the Garden of Eden.
    Arguably, the Supreme Court decision, is nothing more, in its decision to ignore the “natural” meaning of the actual words of the Affordable Care Act, has stepped this nation further into the path of chaos that was begun upon by our first parents, Adam and Eve, and which leads only to the primordial chaos of an existence without God Himself — a kind of hell on earth, because that is where we are headed as a nation.
    The Roe v. Wade decision, in this respect, was perhaps the most dire warning that this Nation had stepped into utter godlessness — totally devoid of Truth.
    The Obamacare decision ratifies the march of our nation to chaos by ignoring the plain meaning of words.
    Can the “gay ‘marriage'” decision to follow this one truly surprise? I think that the surprise will be if the Court upholds marriage, given the divorce from reality of this nation these last 42+ years.
    We have devolved into a nation possessed of a kind of “Spiritual Psychosis,” divorced from Reality. Our fate has to be a kind of earthly hell, to be followed (if God so judges) by an eternity of real Hell for those who collaborate and abet the ongoing transformation of this nation.

  2. Tom Govern

    I really think that the Court had no choice in this one. It would have been invalidating the law on a word technicality. Still Obama Care as written will fall on its sword and changes to make it workable will happen. We need a little patience. Our health care system did need help, but Obama Care went over the top. Let’s pray for wisdom in our coming lawmakers to make the changes needed.

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