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  1. Kyle Morris

    Steve, I wanted to let you know after seeing you and listening to you on 2-27 & 2-29 in Denton, Tx. I can honestly tell you that you are a Man of God! I also was raised Baptist and joined the Catholic Church a couple of months before my wife and I were married in October of 1983. My family was also not to thrilled about me joining the church either. Steve, I figured that she had been a more devote Christian than I had been, so like I said I joined shortly before our marriage. The other thing that I wanted to tell you Steve is that, in May of 2007 I was struck by this illness called Guillain Barre Syndrome and for over 2 months I was paralyzed from the head down. I actually had the variant called Miller Fisher Syndrome, which starts at the head and moves down. What happens with GBS Steve is that your antibodies start attacking the myliun sheath that coats the nerves an you basically loose control of your mussels because of the demyelination to the nerves. Anyway Steve, to make a long story short, with the Power of prayer and the miracles of God and devotion of my family and my wife DeAnn, I have almost made a full recovery. The last few years Steve I have had a Strong urge to try to learn and study All about Jesus Christ and his One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and try to be as Good of a Catholic Christian as I can be.
    I know is quite a long message Steve but I will end it by saying, keep up the Good Work and your teaching and may God continue to Bless you and your wife and all of your family!
    Sincerely, Kyle Morris

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