Islam and Communism main persecutors of Christians in 2022

The Seven Communist and 36 Islamic Regimes That Most Persecute Christians in 2023

Persecution of Christians “has grown exponentially “ in the last 30 years. Communism and Islam are no friends to Christianity and Christians — in fact they are enemies

It’s a persecution that “has grown exponentially” over the last 30 years. It’s the moment of the Christian NGO Puertas Abiertas [Open Doors], which reports annually on the persecution of Christians in the world. This year’s Report was published on January 18 and offers very alarming  data:

  • 5,621 Christians were killed worldwide because of their faith in 2022.
  • 4,542 Christians were arrested because of their faith over the last 12 months
  • 2,110 Christian churches were attacked during the past year.
  • 360 million Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination  because of their faith. Now only in the first 50 countries, 312 million Christians are suffering at present very high or extreme levels of persecution.
  • In 1993, Christians faced a high to extreme level of persecution in 40 countries. In 2023 this figure has almost doubled to 76 countries.
  • Two out of five Christians are persecuted in Asia, being the most hostile Continent to Christians because of Communism (in North Korea, China, Laos and Vietnam), Islam and Hindu nationalism.
  • One of every 15 Christians is persecuted in Ibero-America, where Communism (Cuba and Nicaragua) has become a growing cause of that persecution.
  • One of every five Christians is persecuted in Africa, where theprincipal cause of persecution is Islam.

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China’s dictatorship is forging a global alliance to redefine human rights

Open Doors has alerted that China’s Communist dictatorship “is forging a global alliance of nations that intend to redefine human rights, alienating them from civil rights and religious liberties. Dissident voices, such as those of Christians, are persecuted as ‘troublemakers’ or even ‘terrorists.’ The Christian NGO points out that “China has taken more drastic measures against Christians, introducing new and radical rules on the use of the Internet by the churches.”

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