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Janet and I a were invited as speakers on  Corporate Travel‘s Good News Marriage Cruise through the Caribbean. It’s been a marvelous time with 400 great Catholics who are here to enrich their marriages and fall more in love with Jesus in the church. And to have a great time!

Today I checked the maps and realized that we were passing within a few miles of Cuba. It is kind of sad because of the political situation there and the Communist regime that is isolated and imprisoned these poor folks from the rest of the world. It is I nconceivable that there are many Americans trying to bring communism to our great country. Unbelievable!

I’d almost like to stop there and visit, but I know the ship won’t do that and I don’t know the legalities of such a visit. But it is sad, looking over the water and seeing the hills and coastline of Cuba, which has been in the news so much over the last decades. I feel sorry for the many folks that endure that oppressive regime with no hope of escape. Makes me all the more grateful for the freedoms that we have in America. But I warn people that we better use our freedoms now before we lose them.

Tomorrow we land in Jamaica, and then later to Haiti. My talk will be entitled “Man, Marriage, Sex in HeavenMan, Marriage, Sex in Heaven.”