…but we recovered unscathed except for a lot of wasted time. We were in Mexico. On “Black Friday” someone took a fake Drivers License with my picture and started opening accounts at Meijers, Verizon, Kohl’s, AT&T, Sprint, Target and more. They also tried to use my credit cards.
They tried to access our bank account at Chase to withdraw our savings. Our bank suspected something and acted very unprofessionally. Instead of calling or texting us they just closed all our accounts and sent us a check. That caused all our “auto pays” to fail.

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One good thing: we did not lose a penny. WHY? Because we had LifeLock who caught them, contacted us and then spent a whole day on the phone with us on conference calls handling all the fraudulent charges, new accounts and ID theft. They were exceptional!!
NO, this is not LifeLock commercial 🙂  We have paid for the service (only $148 a year) for about eight years and boy, was it worth it when the attack came.
If you don’t have LifeLock I encourage you to subscribe to it or a similar service. We would have been a cooked goose if they had not been monitoring all our accounts, banks, cards, etc.

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