No one in a position of ecclesial responsibility—not the Four Cardinals posing dubia, not Grisez & Finnis cautioning about misuses, and not the 45 Catholics appealing to the College, among others—has, despite the bizarre accusations made about some of them, accused Pope Francis of being a heretic or of teaching heresy.
While many are concerned for the clarity of various Church teachings in the wake of some of Francis’ writings and comments, and while some of these concerns do involve matters of faith and morals, no responsible voice in the Church has, I repeat, accused Pope Francis of holding or teaching heresy.
That’s good, because the stakes in regard to papal heresy are quite high. Those flirting with such suspicions or engaging in such ruminations should be very clear about what is at issue.
First. Heresy is, and only is….
For the whole article by Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, JD, JCD, Ref. Sig. Ap., click here.

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  1. Jason

    Well that is deeply distressing. As a potential convert myself, I hate to see what looks like a schism developing in what I'm being lead to believe is the Church Jesus established.

    Have no fears. It IS the church Jesus founded but he never promised it would be perfect. In fact he warned us that would be huge problems within and without but if we stick with him and his church he’ll get us to the other side. Move forward with confidence but pray.

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