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Since we are experiencing the amazing and rare Solemn Entry into the Holy Sepulchre to visit the tomb today ushered in by the Franciscans, I wanted to share these many beautiful and helpful pictures, diagrams, charts and more about the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

See all this wealth of information written and visual.

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For me this is the most holy and important spot in the Universe. It is where Jesus Christ, God made Man, died in my place to redeem me from sin and death. Enjoy!

To see a video of our previous Solemn Entry with the Franciscans see the video below. The Solemn Entry begins at 06:13 minutes into the video.


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  1. Lindsay Bozzo

    Hello from Pennsylvania! Thank you so much for keeping this site so we can follow along on your journey with our loved ones. It sounds like you’re having the most amazing trip and I hope to be able to go myself one day! Mom – can’t wait to hear even more from you when you return! Enjoy the rest of your journey and blessings to all on the trip! Lots of love, the Bozzos and Schaubles

  2. Brian Bozzo

    Looks like an amazing trip! Extremely happy that you all got the privileged opportunity to see such amazing sites that were so critical to God’s plan.

  3. Bari

    You’ve had great trips!!! iv always had interest in watching your pilgrimage tours..and im glad for your response to the 95 thesis in Wittenberg recently..i appreciate all your hard works and dedication..great to watch your Vids all the time..your one of my favorite apologist..i understood more about the catholic faith since i saw your Vids !!! God bless You n your family!!!

  4. Stephen Miller

    Very informative… puts it more into context. It would also be good to know the distances between the tomb, calvary, and the wall, as well as the heights of the top of calvary and the top of the wall.

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