Do the Gospels Conflict? How Long WAS Jesus on the Cross?

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Do the Gospels Conflict?
How Long was Jesus on the Cross?

The question intrigued me sufficiently to spend a good part of the day working on it. There seems to be a contradiction in the Gospels, mentioning different times for the crucifixion. Maybe someone forgot to check their watch!

Mark says Jesus was crucified at the third hour and John tells us the crucifixion took place after the sixth hour. So, what are we to make of this seeming contradiction? And how long was he anctually hanging on the cross?

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  1. steve

    This was a very interesting article. I have heard a lot of homilies in the past year or so that point out differences in the gospel accounts (e.g., the Passion), with the intention to show the non-historical nature of the accounts. That is, they are “theological” and not historical. Can you point me to some books that go into more detail on reconciling various gospel accounts of different events the way your article did?

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