I found this article by George Weigel in First Things to be very insightful and compelling. It is one more voice confirming the integrity and importance of Archbishop Viganó and what he wrote in his 11-page letter. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to read this article.

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He ends, “What Archbishop Viganò testifies to knowing on the basis of direct, personal, and in many cases documentable experiences in Rome and Washington deserves to be taken seriously, not peremptorily dismissed or ignored. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the U.S. bishops’ conference president, evidently agrees, as his August 27 statement makes clear. That is another step toward the purification and reform we need.”

For the whole article, click here.


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  1. sandi

    I don’t know how this will be resolved or how we will get to the bottom of it because the call for an investigation must be authorized by the Pope, as I understand it. He appears to be “digging in” as some reporters say and so he may never speak up about it or allow an investigation or resign. Also, if it appears that the Pope was “forced” to resign due to outside pressure, then I have heard that would be considered “invalid” and he would still be Pope. He would have to do it of his own free will and say so (like Pope Benedict XVI did). Sigh. We must pray and fast. We need the help of Mary and Joseph.

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