What Am I, Part I?

Many gave so I could rise.
I was almighty in their eyes.
Many died when I was crushed.
They were forced to drink my dust.

What Am I, Part II?

Three times I have been divided
doing what God had decided.
Twice a garment was the tool
that led me to obey God’s rule.
Once God’s son I did embrace.
Once the ark stood in my place.
Never have I walked the ground,
nor in the heavens was I found.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Nathan

    The Golden calf?

  2. jpk

    Golden Calf!

  3. Dave

    Tower of Babel?

  4. Bill912

    1) The Golden Calf. 2) The Jordan River.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Yup! Smart guy!

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