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Tomorrow morning we will take our group to Bethlehem to buy quality Olive Wood products make and sold by the local Christians.

When we bring our groups here we only take them to shops that sell the REAL DEAL, real Olive Wood products carved by the local Christians who are in much need of our help.

In this way, you are insured of getting the best quality product AND certain you are helping the local Christians.

Lots of the things for sale in the Holy Land are cheap knock-offs. What a shame to get junk and fail to support the local Christians. This also goes for products that are sold in parishes in the USA.

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Make sure the people selling in the parishes are REALLY Catholics and have the REAL products. There are many scams even in the US.

Here is a recent piece exposing the Chinese scams. It begins,

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) — Christmas is approaching and pilgrims and tourists have begun to arrive, crowding the souvenir shops that line the narrow streets and alleys of Bethlehem, the biblical town revered as Jesus’ birthplace.

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But when visitors choose to take a piece of the Holy Land back home with them, they better check the labels. Many souvenirs — including the West Bank town’s trademark rosary beads — are imported from abroad, mainly China.

A small number of souvenir shops are now trying to fight the trend, stocking their shelves almost exclusively with locally made products. Shopkeepers say that while their wares may be more expensive, the quality is much better and they give an important boost to the struggling economy.

For the whole article, click here.


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  1. Paul Stiemann

    Steve do the real Holy Land Olive Wood Products have crucifixes with soil, seeds, and so on from the holy land?

    STEVE RAY HERE: yes, many of them do have these items inside a little vials in the arms of the cross.

  2. Lynn Geary

    We often have vendors wanting to sell products from the Holy Land at our Church. How do we know they are legit, that their products are actually from the Holy Land and that the money is going back to help those who live in the Holy Land?

    It is not easy to know. Even if it really is all of wood products from Bethlehem, a lot of times not a penny gets back to them only the original purchase of the product. Often times they’re actually Muslims who are selling the olivewood. The best way to know is to find out the peoples name and even send it to me and I can do some research for you in Bethlehem.

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