A Catholic couple wrote and expressed their dismay at the current state of affairs in our country and the world. He said he was about to give up. I wrote to him these words which I hope will encourage others as well.


We certainly do live in disappointing times. Seeing the chaos and anarchy in our country, with many even espousing Marxism again, I shake my head sometimes as I see how so many of the bishops and priests, even the Vatican respond to all of this nonsense and anarchy. Rainbow flags fluttering, police assaulted, BLM T-shirts, abortion, pulling down statues, cursing and rioting and killing…

However, remember that the Church has never had a Golden Age and there have been times in the Church that have been much worse than our current situation. Imagine living in England and Ireland during the reign of King Henry VIII and the later in the French Revolution when priests were killed and the Catholic faith was illegal. Families hid priests in “priest holes” and many lost everything including their lives. The horrendous stories of being drawn and quartered

I always recall Peter’s response to Jesus, “Where else can we go, you are the only one with the words of eternal life (John 6:68-69).”

My wife and I feel as though we were born for these times. God places us in our own period of history for a reason and I believe our reason is to stand up and speak out and be a living example of the Christian life. This is no time to retreat and let evil win. A wise man once said that all evil needs to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing.

Don’t be dismayed or discouraged. Stand strong and stay true to Our Lord and his Church even if our shepherds are more politicians than they are pastors, even if many of our own fall for the seduction and sin of the present age. Jesus suffered for us and he is even now not giving up on us — so we can never give up on him.

If you ever get discouraged read the last book of the Bible and you’ll see that we win in the end. And don’t ever forget that God always has an army of holy saints. We are not alone. The world is full of faithful Christians who will never back down. These days are the kind of days in which saints are made.


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  1. JoAnne McCormack

    Hi! Steve,
    Thanks for these encouraging words. My husband and I feel very much like this couple. Isolated, depressed and anxious. Some days it is even difficult to get anything done. We realize that this is also a spiritual battle and we are fighting against satan and his minions with prayer.
    We were on a pilgrimage with you in September 2018 and we wish we could literally be at the foot of Jesus’s Cross right now. You are a beacon of hope and encouragement for all of us. I would not be surprised if there will be many martyrs before all this is over.
    Thanks for reminding us of what is truly important. Only the Lord! May God bless you and Janet and we hope we will be able to go back to the Holy Land with you again soon.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for your kind words and participation JoAnne. I remember you well and miss being in Jerusalem. We have lost 11 buses to date and anxious to get back on the road. Stand strong!

  2. Steve Ray

    I added this for Maria:

    Hello Steve, I was unable to leave a comment on your last post, so I wanted to email a short message…..thank you for the encouragement. Churches are still closed here in South Africa. Everyday I wonder why God would take the Eucharist away, like never before. This is big. It is like a giant time-out. I can't comprehend how no mass is so taken in stride by many . When I look at the moon I think of mass and the Eucharist being held up. It's a very lonely time. Anyhow, keeping it short….thank you beyond words for all you and Janet do ??

    Regards, Debora

  3. Anthony McNosky

    With so much bad shepherding going on in the Church in these present times
    It is very hard to feel comforted. But being Catholic is
    Not about comfort but rather about carrying a Cross.

  4. Pennie

    Thank you so much for all you do for our faith. I am feeling exactly the same about the current state of things and feel so blessed to hear you speak out on this. I am encouraged by your words to “stay on the boat” Christ will get us to our eternal reward. I find comfort in praying the rosary everyday and seek divine mercy through praying the chap let of divine mercy. May God bless His church and to His people give strength.

    STEVE RAY HERE: God bless you Pennie. You are doing good and your prayers effect history.

  5. Arthur Adams

    Great advice!! Your are right on.

  6. Anurag

    God is always there to keep you motivated you just need is to have faith in God

  7. Bill912

    As a great American philosopher said: “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

    And it ain’t over while we draw breath. (“Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”).

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