Today was a fun day and we make it a free day for folks. Some decided to do things on their own and visit friends or take time for extra prayer. The rest of them came with us on our Optional Day Tour.

We started out at the Israel Museum to see the Model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and the Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then we went down 4125 feet from the mountains of Jerusalem to the lowest place on the face of the earth, which is the Jordan Valley. We renewed our baptismal vows on the Jordan River.

We saw a sycamore tree and the Mount of Temptation where the Devil tempted Our Lord and had a wonderful lunch at a Christian restaurant. Then we went to Qumran and viewed the most important of the caves and discussed the Dead Sea scrolls. Floating on the Dead Sea is always a favorite and then riding camels is always a hoot. Back up to our hotel in Jerusalem for packing and dinner.

We always keep the rooms for Pilgrims even though they’re not going to stay in them tonight so they can come back from my tour today and have a shower and pack and take a nap and rest up before they fly home tonight.

Please watch for the second video for today which we call Comments and Farewells. Comments and Farewells.