When I saw this I couldn’t believe it. With the sex scandal raging, Cardinals exposed as perverts, young men, seminarians and priests abused and raped by clergy, men raised to Bishop and Cardinal while doing such despicable and perverted things, the Pope credibly charged with culpability — and Cupich of Chicago says there are more important things to deal with…

Are you kidding me ?!?!



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  1. Anna Marie Janssens

    He sounds guilt of the sexual abuse crimes with these stupid remarks! This idiot needs to know Jesus…guess he forgot his faith, humanity and vows. Nothing more important than prosecuting to the fullest extent these criminal clergy. To bring each and everyone out in the open …no more hiding these criminals.

  2. Ryan

    Couldn’t agree more Steve.

  3. Eva

    How can we convince bishops to take this seriously? Will the mainstream media honestly scrutinize Francis and the other bishops when Francis has said so many things they like? If there is really such a pro-homosexual conspiracy happening as high up as the cardinals and the pope, how can we as laypeople possibly do anything?

    I’m not questioning my faith or the Church as much as questioning what we little people can possibly do to affect this situation for the better… 🙁

  4. Pamela Presbitero

    Let’s not forget… some of this is deliberate. Bella Dodd, one of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s most famous converts, who was a high ranking communist before she converted to the Faith, said that she personally recruited over 1100 men to enter the priesthood to destroy it from within. She said during her time she was already communicating with 4 Cardinals in the Vatican… I really believe that we are seeing the result of that work now.

  5. Damon Michaels

    Hi Steve
    Great post and couldn't agree more.
    On a related note, do you regret your comments about Michael Voris? He appears to have been right on the money all along.

    Steve Ray here: No, I don’t regret my comments because in the context of the conversation on Catholic Answers I my answer was correct. Yes, he is right on this point of homosexuals in the hierarchy of the Church but I still don’t like the way he’s handling it. There is a sense of arrogance that is not becoming.

  6. Jim

    totally agree with pamela. the devil has been permitted to do some damage…

  7. HG

    I’m having suspicious doubts about these “other important things”…. got to remember these are the liberals pushing these same agenda.

  8. Ron

    Steve, you have to admit that Voris does have a lit of gut. While others were afraid of stating the problem! Voris was not afraid of being attacking the gay mafia in the Catholic church!

  9. Mary Jo Voto

    What can we do?!? Write to your bishops! The laity has to start demanding action! And pray…there are many holy bishops out there who need our support and prayers. Pray for our priests who will feel the brunt of this evil. Ask Mary, our Heavenly Mother to start cleaning house! She will take action!

  10. Michael Voto

    Per the late Cardinal George who was the previous Archbishop Of Chicago :
    “ I am (correctly) quoted as saying that I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. What is omitted from the reports is a final phrase I added about the bishop who follows a possibly martyred bishop: ‘His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.’

  11. Tom Govern

    Hard to believe that a bishop would say that dismissive of all other things going on. Is there an entire context?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Yes, I saw that the site The Anchoress put up the full context, but I don’t have it at my fingertips.

  12. Michael McGuirk

    Steve, Cupich is the same leader that forbid his priests to pray at abortion clinics when he was bishop in the Spokane, Washington. This should have been a huge red flag. I couldn’t believe it when Pope Francis elevated him to Cardinal knowing what he did.

  13. sandi

    I used to agree with you on Michael Voris, but have come to rely on Church Militant for the facts. Michael always asks us to remain faithful, to go to daily Mass, to pray the Rosary and to fast. He has not criticized the Pope on theological issues even though like the rest of us he was sometimes shaking his head in bewilderment on where the Pope was coming from or where he was going on some issues. He and his team did this in deference to the Holy Father’s office. He said that moral issues are a different story, and I agree. (Although, I think they are closely linked.) He said that he and his team have been trying to tell us for almost 10 years about the homosexual network within the church. My opinion of Church Militant has changed to one of gratefulness for their brave and steadfast reporting. If you haven’t heard Michael’s commentary addressed directly to Pope Francis urging him to resign, I highly recommend it.

  14. Michael McGuirk

    Steve, in regards to your response to Damon about Michael Voris and your post about St. John the Baptist, don’t you think that people in St. John’s day thought that he too was arrogant for speaking the truth to the king and everyone else?
    I just know that I am so thankful for what you and Michael Voris have taught me about my Catholic faith. Yes, your two approaches are different but both help me keep my faith.

  15. mark schiariti

    Pope Benedict didn’t go far enough in his original punishment to Cardinal McClerrec (apologies if his name is spelled wrong). In my opinion he should have publicly excommunicated the Arch Bishop instead of just restricting him to a life of penance, prayer and non-public ministry. This drastic measure would have shown the clergy how grave the situation was, possibly forced others to admit their culpability and would have pre-empted Pope Francis from reinstating him to public ministry.

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