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“The 12 Unknown Sorrows of Mary” – Steve Ray’s Biblical Meditations

We have the Devotion of the “Seven Dolores”, or the Devotion of the Seven Sorrows.

But Mary suffered far more sorrows than those seven.

From ‘The Glories of Mary’ by St. Alphonsus Liguori we read,

“In this valley of tears, every man is born to weep, and every one must suffer those afflictions that daily befall him. But how much more miserable would life be, if every one knew also the future evils which are to afflict him!

“The Lord exercises His compassion towards us, because He does not make known to us the crosses that await us; that if we are to suffer them, at least we may suffer them only once.

But He did not exercise this compassion with Mary, who, because God wished Her to be the Queen of Sorrows, and in all things like His Son, and to see always before Her eyes, and to suffer continually all the sorrows that awaited Her; and those were the sufferings of the passion and death of Her beloved Jesus.

“For St. Simeon in the temple, after having received the Divine Child in his arms, predicted to Her that this child was to be the mark for all the opposition and persecution of men; “Set for a sign which shall be contradicted”; and that therefore the sword of sorrow should pierce Her soul: “And Thy own soul a sword shall pierce.”

“The Holy Virgin Herself said to St. Matilda, that at the announcement of St. Simeon all Her joy was changed into sorrow.”

Vance not the choice of some Catholics?

It is sad that so many expect perfection before they will stand behind a good man.

We have two choices this November — radically different choices for the future of America, our families, Israel, the world and the Church. Who else will fight on our behalf to stop the insane destruction of America and restore sanity in the world.

Even if one is skeptical about Trump and Vance remember that God uses flawed people. He does not expect perfection before he calls a person for his service.

God draws straight with crooked lines. He has always used flawed men to do his will — King David the murderer and adulterer (whom God says was a man after God’s own heart) and Solomon the idolater.

God calls himself “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, yet Jacob means “supplanter” and he was a crook and swindler. Moses was a murderer and stuttered, Aaron the High Priest was a coward and pushover.

God used Peter who denied him and waffled in his ministry at times and many others who were not even believers like the King of Persia (Ezra 1:1-4) — a host of flawed individuals.

I am not going to waste my time or your’s pointing out flaws in Trump or Vance (but I will point out my own). Frankly, from what I am learning, Vance is the ideal man to fill this slot. He is intelligent, conservative, a Catholic, eloquent, young and ready to defend freedom of religion and America.

I will pray for him and defend him and oppose the nay-sayers who have nothing better to do than take cheap potshots. Who would they be happy with?

Here is a 1.5 minute clip on Vance’s conversion to the Catholic Church.


JD Vance, Catholic Convert, Trump’s New Running Mate

Trump has chosen his vice president and it will be JD Vance. He’s a young senator from Ohio and a recent convert to the Catholic Church.

From what I can find he’s also pro-life and gave a talk at Franciscan University a couple years ago. Here’s a picture of him with Dr. Scott Hahn.

And I can’t wait for the first vice presidential debate.

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