Never had a flight like this in 20 years and I’m almost a 3 million-miler on Delta and so is my wife. Here are the texts I sent to the organizer of my speaking events this weekend:

“We are on the plane, waiting to fly to Phoenix. The first plane had problems so they had to bring in a new and smaller plane. Once that confusion was resolved, and we were all boarded, they had computer troubles, and it took them an hour to get it fixed.

“Then somebody started smoking in the restroom in the back and it set off the alarm which caused another delay with the system and they had to remove the smoker.

“But now the pilots are beyond their timeframe and can’t fly the plane. They are trying to find new pilots to fly the plane. I am assuming and hoping and praying will be all right. I’ll keep you updated.

“It’s a good thing we planned an early departure which gives us some cushion. But I wanted to let you know the situation ahead of time. IF WORST COMES TO WORST, I will happily give both talks tomorrow. At this point, they seem confident we will fly. More soon…”


Now we are waiting for new pilots to arrive, and a family brought a sick baby on the plane. There was a conflict in the back and another family with a baby got off because they didn’t want their baby to get sick sitting next to the sick baby. Who knows how that’s going to play out now. The sick family was allowed to stay on the plane!

The elderly couple next to us has a dog they say can only go 4 hours. We’ve already been on the plane 2 hours and the flight ahead is 4.5 hours.

Never been in such a dramatic flight in my life and we haven’t even left the ground yet 😳


The ground crew left and now we have to wait for a new crew… We finally flew but with a very bumping first hour  “Stay in your seats with seat belts!”

I have flown over 2,000,000 miles with Delta and my wife also. We fly roughly 150,000 to 250,000 miles a year for the last 20 years. We have NEVER had a flight like this EVER! You are correct, someone could make a movie of what happened on this plane today. It will make a marvelous introduction for my talk tonight 🙂


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  1. Tom+Govern

    Perhaps it was God’s will that you do not go to Phoenix,……not! I know your talk was great, maybe even better for the ordeal!

    STEVE RAY HERE, in the air:

    Thanks Tom! Wild day.

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