Oscaring Mel Gibson  
By Patrick Hynes
Published 12/22/2004 12:06:02 AM

Both the Golden Globes and the Broadcast Film Critics passed over The Passion of The Christ for any major nominations this year. The American Film Institute made no mention of The Passion in its 2004 best films of the year announcement. And according to USA Today‘s Oscar Oracle, The Passion isn’t on the radar screen for even a single nomination when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out nominations at the end of January.

In the shadow of a public debate over the propriety of the words “Merry Christmas” at department stores, a big battle in the culture war is looming. The Passion of The Christ, one of the most powerful, commercially successful, and, by any measure, brilliant films of the year is being utterly rejected by the Hollywood elites this award season, demonstrating yet again their tone deaf disdain for all things middle-American.

What’s going on here? Well, the cultural elites took a whooping on Election Day, 2004. And they are taking it out on Mel Gibson.

The official reasons for denying The Passion an Oscar nomination are fivefold. Herewith, I will attempt to discredit them all:


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