Why I’ve Disassociated Myself from Retired Auxiliary Bishop Kamal Bathish of Jerusalem

I have introduced many pilgrims to retired Auxiliary Bishop Kamal Bathish of Jerusalem. He was a dear friend of ours for many years, even staying in our home a number of times. Unhappily, recent information from numerous sources has convinced me that he has serious moral issues that has forced me to disassociate myself from him. I gave him an opportunity to deny the findings but I never heard from him again. I post this blog with great pain and personal sorrow, but personally integrity forces me to do so. You can read my explanation here.


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  1. JAMES Ehmann

    We have known the Bishop for approximately 14 years an we have introduced him to our groups, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and friends who work in the Vatican. I was shocked and dismayed when I read your blog. We have been taking groups to Jerusalem for the past 15 years and we are taking a group In February. It has always been a highlight of our trip to see him and introduce him to our group.

    We, like you and your wife, have had him as a guest in our home on several occasions and have met in in Rome and several other countries We have always viewed him as gracious and spiritual. My wife and I are members of the Knights of Malta and Holy Sepulcher. I am giving you this information so that you may know us a little better.

    If at all possible, I would like to speak with you personally to clarify some information.
    I want to thank you in advance for your heart felt blog. I am sure you agonized over it for along time.

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