Today Washington DC is filled with people defending the lives of unborn babies AND real choice for women. My grandkids are among the throngs today for the March for Life.

The media wants us to think that every woman walking into an abortion clinic is going in her own, exercising her free choice and making a rational and even courageous decision over her own body.

But in many, if not most cases, this is far from the truth. Women and young girls are often pregnant not because of their own willing choice but from the aggression or strong-arming of a man — including, “If you really love me you will …”

How many girls and young women walk into the abortion clinic at the insistence or threat of a male who doesn’t want to take responsibility, or parents who are ashamed and “force” their daughter into this operation which will altar her life.

Or it is a doctor with white lab coat looking down with “knowing eyes” telling her there might me a problem with the baby, or she is too young to have a baby, or that he highly advises her to terminate the pregnancy (as though it were as simple as taking out this week’s trash).

They claim this is all about CHOICE, but does anyone want to hazard a guess how many of these girls were given no choice at all. Choice in this context is a lie, it is a euphemism, it is a means to manipulate not only the girl but all of society.

The baby never has a choice and usually the girl is denied her choice as well. She is even denied the information about the life within her or the trauma of the butchery that is about to take place.

Here is a website with many testimonials of girls and women who were coerced, forced, compelled, lied to and otherwise denied a real choice.

These Women Felt Pressured To Abort Their Babies – A Thread

CV NEWS FEED // Abortion advocates claim that the legal “right” to kill a child is all for protecting a woman’s “choice” or her “autonomy.” Many women, however, don’t feel like abortion was their choice.

Instead, they were so pressured to abort that they felt they had no choice.

Recently X user @Prolife_Sam posted seven instances of real women experiencing bullying or coercion by pro-choice family members, doctors, and peers. They reveal some common reasons mothers feel forced to kill the life inside them.  …”

Watch many testimonials of girls bullied and strong-armed into abortions HERE