Fourteen years later, Grandkids again at March for Life – the tradition continues

Proud of my son Jesse and his wife Anna who have instilled in their 8 children a very pro-life philosophy and they put their “money where their mouth is”.

Fourteen years ago someone took a picture of them at the March for Life with their oldest four children at the time — with Baby Bella Rose Ray just born. This was taken fourteen years ago in 2010.

Today these same 4 grandkids are in again Washington DC carrying out their passion for the Catholic faith and the Pro-life cause. In fact Bella, who is now 14 years old, paid her own expenses to fly down on her own. Here older siblings are flying in from Ave Maria University in Florida.

Some of our other children and grandchildren have also frequented the March for Life over the years as they were able. Love these kids!!

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