We returned home from Jordan, Israel, and Rome a week ago — exhausted. My brother in law dropped dead unexpectedly while we were gone and it profoundly shocked our whole extended family. I pray that it will bring everyone closer to the Lord.

In the next day or two I will write a report of our time in Rome and our trip back home. I will also try to give a short analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian situation of which I have some very definite opinions. I will also report on our script writing session for King David and Solomon. I am very fortunate to have Ed Peters, Roy Schoeman, Mark Shea, Joe Reynolds, and John McAlpine moving into our house for three days to help with the script. It should be great fun.

I will also update you on the best Bible software program in the world. I spent two days in an intense seminar learning more about the Logos Bible software program which I have been using since 1990. I was in a room with 40 Baptist pastors and missionaries — and they were all great though I kept wanting to jump up and shout “I used to be a Baptist and now I am a Catholic — you wouldn't believe how wonderful it is!!” I did wear my “Roman Catholic 2000 Years of Christian Tradition“ shirt since I can't keep my mouth shut even when I do keep my mouth shut.

I had nice conversations with a few at the conference and as soon as I got home I received a call from an ex-Catholic Baptist on his way to converting to the Catholic Church and after 1.5 hours was overwhelmed with how God was opening his heart and revealing the fullness of the Church. I also spent an evening with 10 teenagers who wanted to me play “Baptist Bob“with them and their Apologetics Club. What fun!

More in a day or two.  Steve Ray  4/25/04