The Great Blogger spent the last week at my house. Yes, I am referring to Mark Shea, but it as not only him, it was also an august group of other guys who were at my house. It is hard to keep up with Blogs, websites, and even work when such a group “invades”. I say that tongue-in-cheek” since I invited them all and had a blast.

Our DVD on Paul is in post-production but we shoot the footage for David/Solomon in Israel in October and need a script beforehand. So, I invited a group of guys to join my wife Janet and I in our brainstorming session. We spent the week with Mark Shea, Roy Schoeman, Ed Peters, John McAlpine and Joe Reynolds. We were also visited by David and Kathleen Moss of the Association of Hebrew Catholics.

What is the relationship between the Davidic Kingdom and the Messianic Kingdom? How is David and forerunner of Christ and Jesus the New David? How is the united kingdom of Israel a type or picture of the Church? These things were discussed in preparation for our new script. These guys are really bright and it was a pleasure spending the week with them. We even got to try out some of our favorite recipes on them 🙂

Roy Schoeman is the author of “Salvation is from the Jews” and I really liked him. He was classy and relaxed — very insightful about Scripture, Catholicism and the Jews. He was a great help. Plus, we set up all the video equipment and interviewed Roy for the “extras” on our Paul DVD. Ed Peters was always his intelligent self with lots of good ideas and cautions about the David/Solomon script. John McAlpine was his usual “walking Catholic encyclopediea. Mark Shea is amazingly adept with Scripture and privided excellent insights to add. He was also a jolly lot of fun. Joe Reynolds (and his assistant Steve Shepple) came to assist with the scriptwriting and to shoot the interview between Roy and myself. David Moss was here until almost midnight one evening discussing things Catholic and Jewish and helping us drink the bottle of Frangelico liquer which he and Kathleen brought. It was a delightful week and we got a lot done.

I’ve invited Roy Schoeman to be a contributer to this blog and I hope he takes me up on it. Now the real work of script writing begins as I take all the wealth of ideas and begin to weave them into a viable script. Pray for me — it is a huge project.

More tomorrow. Steve Ray, 5/2/2004