Running on the treadmill and flying international gives Janet and I a chance to watch movies we wouldn’t otherwise take the time to watch. Here are a few of our recent viewings. All of these, interestingly enough, have Catholic themes, especially Henry Poole is Here and the Secret Life of Bees.
While running last week I watched RUDY who was a little runt of a fellow who dreams of playing football at Notre Dame. He takes on every obstacle. It brought tears to my eyes a few times. Great movie to watch while running! Too bad though, seeing the glory days of Notre Dame with the disgrace it is now.
HENRY POOLE IS HERE was an off-beat intriguing movie. I bought a copy to pass around. The face of Jesus appears on a man’s wall and what follows is quite nice. THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS is a prison camp movie told from a completely new angle with a surprise twist at the end. SECRET LIFE OF BEES is a redemptive movie with a strong Catholic theme. I recommend them all.


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  1. Patty Smith

    Thanks for the suggestions. We’re always looking for good movies to watch. Read The Secret Life of Bees, but never saw the movie.

  2. Lisa wheeler

    Boy in striped pajamas was required reading for my kids on HS. Chilling book. I saw the movie after reading the novel. Very good.

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