Was Abraham Saved by Faith Alone?
Or, was Abraham our Father of Faith and Works?
by Steve Ray

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My Evangelical friend — you say: “Of course Abraham was saved by faith alone! Doesn’t the Bible make that perfectly clear, especially in Paul’s letters?  And didn’t Luther’s German translation inform the masses that the words “faith” and “alone” belonged together like bread and butter?  Abraham was saved by faith alone!” 

Well, maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t, but the Bible certainly throws some question on your well-known Protestant cliché.  Let’s find out how and when Abraham was really “saved.”                 –For the full article, click here.  

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  1. Robertson Poblete (from Philippines)

    Mr. Steve Ray, hello! sorry, i wrote this letter to you here in comment. i have read your letter to Filipino people. thanks. by the way, i came from a born again church but my heart is a Catholic. pls, write a book on how to preach the Gospel in a Catholic way. and i hope that your books will be available here in Philippines. Thank’s. and sorry if my grammar is wrong. God bless.

  2. robert poblete

    hello mr. steve ray, it’s me again, robert. I have heard from my friend that mr. don moen was converted to the catholic faith. Is that true? and I have a good news for you, I was reconciled to the Church last good friday. But the problem is my family cannot accept my conversion. They think that I was deceived by the devil. What should I do?
    Thank you and good day!!!
    God Bless you Mama Mary loves you!!!

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