A few days ago I posted a blog about how we talk to people and say “God bless you” and start conversations. In the last few days we had other experiences which I’m going to share with you to encourage you to start doing the same.

Our bus driver to the airport was a wonderful gentleman. We just said “God bless you” and told him we are a Catholic Pilgrimage group and it started a wonderful conversation. At the end he said what a great time of fellowship and fun it was talking with “you and your folks”. He is encouraged to be a better Christian and all of us emboldened to share more.

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Second, Janet and I were in the airport lounge and this wonderful woman (see picture) was serving us and very pleasant. We simply said, “God bless you!”. She got so excited, turned around and said, “No one says that anymore, thank you so much and God bless you too!”

That started a very pleasant conversation about how everyone is afraid to express their Christian faith in this pagan and woke world. Her father was a pastor and she said her whole life is devoted 100% to Jesus Christ. We told her we were the same. We had a wonderful conversation that spread to all the other people in the lounge and it was a great moment of evangelism just because we said “God bless you”.

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I also wear this simple symbol of my belief in Jesus Christ and his Church (see picture). It starts conversations every day and this is another way you can open the door for evangelistic conversations.

Yesterday we sat by a young Hispanic man and I asked him if he was a Catholic. He smiled and said, “Yes.” We told him he was smart for being a Catholic and to never let anybody talk him out of it. Another great conversation ensued.

If Janet and I can do it, you can do it! Let’s take our world back for Jesus!


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  1. Patty Smith

    My husband had a cross similar. Any idea where to get one? It was more of a wall size. I’m sure I still have it, but would love to have it to wear as a necklace!

  2. Patty Smith

    If you have any information about where to get one, would love information about it. Just one of the things I wish I had asked my husband ?

    STEVE RAY HERE: The one I wear was bought at a Catholic gift shop. It was a key chain that I removed the chain and put on a leather strap. I just purchased a few more from The Catholic Store which is online.

  3. Eva B

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for this. I made the mistake of looking up online how some Christians can possibly justify certain "woke," pagan practices, and it left me feeling distraught. This cheers me up.
    I work at a company full of Baptists. They are very kind and outspoken about their Christian faith (which is great!), but I frequently get veiled criticisms about the Church thrown my way. After this election year, I've resolved to stop taking these things lying down, and I've already spoken up once.
    I grew up in a generation that was already "past" saying things like "God bless you," (only 25 y/o). This is a great idea.

    STEVE RAY HERE: God bless you Eva. Doing this and asserting ourselves to share the Catholic faith makes a day much more exciting! Have fun!

  4. Lise DeAraujo

    This is my first time on your sight. I was taking my evangelical good friend to the doctor and she asked me“What’s on your mind today?” I was honest and told her I was learning on utube about my catholic faith… I said I always believed but now I was really seeing the richness of it… she just said “oh..” i didn’t get to tell her that I had been listening to an interview with you, who was a convert who has tried many different Protestant religions and use to persecuted the Catholic Church ! Would you think it a good idea to ask if she might want to listen to that interview? Just wanting your opinion… thanks and may God bless you!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Lise, I would suggest you have earned the right to ask her to listen, or at least to let you share what is important to you. You take your time to drive her to the doctor, I would think she could be courteous enough to listen to you and to a recorded talk. You have earned the right. The worst she can say is No. God bless you!!

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