Ultimate Biblical Run through Jerusalem! Take a Virtual Pilgrimage even though Israel is Closed

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Want to go on a pilgrimage all around Jerusalem on foot? Back in 2011 when my knees were still strong I took off through all the holy biblical sites and documented them with videos and pictures.

The iPhone technology was not as good in 2011 as it is today, but it was an exciting 3-hour, 6.5 miles run through Jerusalem and surroundings to introduce you to the holy sites.

Join me in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, including Calvary, the Tomb, the place Judas hanged himself, Gethsemane, the place St. Stephen was stoned, top of Mount of Olives, Pool of Siloam, Western Wall, Upper Room, the tomb where Mary was buried, and a whole lot more.

This is a fun and informative, biblical and spiritual adventure running through Jerusalem. Due to limitations with YouTube, it is divided into three 8 minute videos. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Part 1 of 3: From Notre Dame Center to Mount Zion, Western Wall and Pool of Siloam…

Part 2 of 3: From Pool of Siloam to Mary’s birthplace at St. Ann’s Church…

Part 3 of 3: From Via Dolorosa, through the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, other sites and finally back to Notre Dame Center.


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  1. Judy Watson

    Thank you for this! We are going with the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre and I can’t wait. I was there in 2000 and it was a life changing experience.

  2. Julie

    Yes, thank you! (But I do think you meant “where Mary was BORN” not BURIED…)

  3. Vincenzo

    Thank you very much Steve;

    My appreciation for all your work and humility strengthens my faith.

    Steve; continue your life with such harmony.

    God bless you


  4. Deacon Mitch

    Loooooved your jogging tour of Jerusalem!

    STEVE RAY HERE:Thanks! Me too! Glad I did it when I could. My bad knees have ended my running days. It is one of my greatest sorrows.

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